5 Powerful Tips to Burn Tummy Fat

There are 5 powerful tips to burn tummy fat and increase your metabolism while you age.

Combine that with indulging on vacations and holidays, neglecting to workout and having a desk job your tummy is going to blossom.

Your mid-section is the place where fat accumulates. Fortunately, you can use 5 simple fast ways to shed your fat around your belly by eating healthy foods.

Here are some tips to get you started to burn tummy fat:

Eat Lean Proteins

  • Tuna fish, talapia and salmon
  • Skinless chicken breasts
  • Turkey
  • Pork loin

Eating proteins provides nutritional benefits protein fills you up. That means you may be not as likely to reach for unhealthy snacks.

5 Powerful Tips to Burn Tummy Fat

The next benefit lean protein is that it helps you build muscle. Muscle burns calories. In fact, it can easily burn up to 90% more calories than fat can.

The more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn. This is one reason why overweight people tend to put on weight easier than people with lean muscle.



Choose Activity

Inactivity is not a healthy mode. Desk jobs, computers and TV?s usually stop us from getting off our rears. Commit to adding a few minutes of activity to your day.

Then increase it a bit each week. Here are some ideas:

  • Taking Stairs, Not Elevators
  • Going for a Bike, Not Taking Your Car
  • Walking, If the Destination Is Nearby
  • Stretching At Your Desk
  • Walking on Your house When you Chat Over The Cellphone
  • Trying out AN Active Hobby, For example Gardening
  • Exercise When You Wake Up

Exercising when you wake up BEFORE you eat breakfast starts burning off calories. Your stomach is empty so your body goes to fat stores.

5 Powerful Tips to Burn Tummy Fat

This means you are burning off more belly fat than exercising at almost every other time. At other points in the day you have consumed food.

So you burn off those calories first. However, if you can?t get in your morning exercise; do take time later in the day to workout.

Do Not Skip Breakfast

Eating a nutritious breakfast is an important a part of losing tummy fat. Your breakfast can include fruit along with a protein source. Avoid breads and other carbohydrates. Also, make sure to eat breakfast after your morning exercise session, not before.

Get Enough Sleep

Get a good night?s sleep. Sleep is when your body builds muscle and re-energizes. Wake up refreshed and with a slimmer tummy!


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