If you’re looking for support and inspiration to start living your dreams by building an online business, you’ll find it here at Healthtalk On Point.

Leaving behind the traditional workforce, where I’d been an Automotive Technician and Tractor Trailer Driver, took a leap of faith – that I’m proud to say has paid off and enriched my life beyond what I had envisioned.

Not that there weren’t mis-steps and failures along the way. No, there have been plenty of those since my journey began.

And I’m okay with that – because it’s allowed me to fully understand the saying, “You got to fail at something to succeed at anything”

Those failures have fueled me with a desire to provide you with the information you need to build your business online. I know how utterly confusing and frustrating it can be out there, not being sure who to trust and where to turn to for legitimate help.

Because I’ve been through it all in the 13 years since my interest in blogging was piqued by reading what other bloggers had to say on the subject of modern health.

I’ve visited some very interesting blogs and cone to realize that some of these people share the same passion for a healthy lifestyle that I have.

It is my aim, here at Healthtalk On Point to provide visitors with the most interesting content–you’ll find articles, reports, reviews and even healthy recipes  you can sink your teeth into.

Thanks for stopping in to my online headquarters – if you’re serious about taking your own leap of faith, you’ll want to be sure to sign up for my newsletter before you go.


Kenneth Glover
Healthtalk On Point

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