Black Garlic versus Raw Garlic

Garlic has long been used in food dishes and supplements for its health benefits.

But, now there is a new kid on the block that is challenging garlic lovers to a new taste. We are talking about black garlic.

What is black garlic? In essence, it is a type of garlic that is black. Black garlic is aged raw garlic that has gone through a fermentation process. Some trendy restaurants have introduced it to our taste buds and it has met with rave reviews.

What is the difference between black garlic and raw garlic? Raw garlic is the type that most people are used to. It comes in a bulb that contains several cloves. They are off white in color and have a pungent odor.

Black garlic is a type of fermented garlic use...

Raw garlic is great pressed as a marinade for steak or an addition to soups and stews. It adds a piquant taste that enhances our food without the need for salt which can raise blood pressure.

Garlic supplements are taken to lower cholesterol. That is bad cholesterol we are talking about here. Unfortunately, eating a lot of garlic can result in the smell being excreted through your pores. While you will be healthier, those around you won’t like the smell very much.

Garlic is also good for the heart. It helps lower blood pressure, stops harmful arterial plaques from forming and may lower the risk of future heart attacks in heart patients. So, what about black garlic? It has some of the smell of garlic. Some describe it as sweet and sour at the same time.

One thing that black garlic does not have, however, is the odor of garlic. You won’t smell it through your pores or on your breath. The texture is different, too. Where raw garlic is firm and smooth, black garlic is soft like jelly or a kid’s fruit snack treat.

They can be eaten alone as a snack or cut up on salads and such. Like raw garlic they can be pressed and the juice used as a delicious topping for dinner dishes. People who may not care for garlic specifically may take a liking to black garlic. There are also health properties of black garlic.

For one, it has a greater antioxidant power than regular raw garlic. For those fighting the aging process, this is good and tasty news. A compound not found in raw garlic, s-allylcysteine, is produced that lowers bad cholesterol, helps to prevent heart disease and other conditions including cancers.

While both have positive health benefits, the lack of odor and the sweet and pungent taste puts black garlic a little ahead of raw garlic. If you like raw garlic there is no reason to stop eating it. But, if you want to try a new taste, give black garlic a try.


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