Adding Turmeric To Your Juices Benefits Your Health

You might not be familiar with turmeric by name, but chances are you’ve eaten it at least once before.

As a primary ingredient in many Indian dishes.

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric Powder


As well as a coloring agent in foods such as mustard and various cheeses.

Its benefits in the culinary world are well documented.

However, did you know it also carries numerous health benefits?

Read on to find out how adding turmeric to your juices.

Brings a wide range of positive improvements to your diet and overall well-being.


Reducing Osteoarthritis Pain

Though much of the research into the various effects of turmeric are still in the early phases.

One study reports significant findings on its ability to treat pain from osteoarthritis, according to

These researchers studied test groups with arthritis and found that.

A regular dosage of turmeric reduced the amount of pain that resulted from the joint impairment.

The research focused on patients consuming whole turmeric.

Rather than a modified supplement made from turmeric.

Meaning you can easily sprinkle the spice it into your juice for the full effect.


Anti-inflammatory Aid

Another major benefit of turmeric is its anti-inflammatory properties.

Which means that it helps to relax blood vessels that become engorged as a response to pain or other irritations.

Adding turmeric into your juices can thus help to alleviate discomfort from a variety of pains and aches.

Similar to that of taking an over-the-counter pain reliever.

Research from the University of Arizona also found.

That these properties helped to reduce pain from rheumatoid arthritis.

Furthering the evidence that it can help improve joint movement.

The research also suggests that taking the turmeric preemptively can help prevent the onset of rheumatoid arthritis.

Turmeric Root

Turmeric Root


Fighting Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death among both men and women.

Often resulting from long-term issues relating to diet and other health factors.

Turmeric can help to fight off heart disease by aiding the body in the removal of plaque from the arteries.

Which decreases blood flow through the body.

This obstruction causes the heart to work harder than necessary to pump blood.

Which results in excessive damage to the muscle that can lead to heart attacks.

By removing the plaque, the heart is able to function at a normal level and thus stay stronger for longer.


Promoting Better Digestion

Many people turn to juicing to help with digestive issues.

Often focusing on detoxifying the body and flushing the system of harmful build up.

Try adding turmeric to your juices to enhance your digestive system.

By reducing bloating and eliminating excess gas.

The spice is also found to help alleviate discomfort from heartburn.

Which can lead to other health issues and major discomfort if left untreated.

Drinking a juice blend with turmeric can sometimes result in immediate relief of these issues.

Though response time may very between individuals.

Dried Turmeric

Dried Turmeric


Boosting Antioxidant Levels

One of the most significant health benefits of turmeric is its high levels of antioxidants.

Which have a variety of benefits to your overall health.

A diet rich in antioxidants can help repair the damage to the heart muscles.

Reduce the signs of aging, increase your energy levels, and improve the function of your other organs.

Some research also suggests that antioxidants can help combat free radicals that can lead to cancer.

Similarly, research from UCLA found that turmeric contains a compound know as curcumin.

That seems to dramatically increase the antioxidant capacity of the body.

As with all juicing ingredients and health tactics, remember that moderation and consistency.

While tossing a cup of turmeric into your next juice might have a short-term benefit.

It can lead to an upset stomach and other discomfort.

Stick to a few teaspoons per juice a few times a week to keep yourself on track.

And guarantee your ability to reap its benefits in the long haul.


Turmeric In Juicing

You can juice fresh turmeric or stir in the dried spice to a finished juice.

I’ve found that adding the dried spice to a spinach and kale smooth adds an exotic flavor to the drink.

juicing fresh organic carrots and beets, add in some blueberries, blackberries and strawberries.

With some turmeric, makes a real good power drink that can get you through a long day.


Junk Food: Removing The Crap From Your Diet

Just as the name suggests junk food is junk.

Junk food is full of calories that do absolutely nothing for your body.

Junk Food

Junk Food


These are called empty calories because they have no or very little nutritional value.

The truth is that most of these calories come from sugar and fats and they will do nothing but increase weight and body fat.

Junk food can also cause you to retain water which will make you feel bloated and sluggish.

This causes you to feel tired instead of having the energy to get up and move around.

The long term effects of eating junk food can be extreme.

From causing you to be overweight to causing the clogging of arteries that leads to heart attack.

Why do people love junk food? The truth is that our brains have very positive reactions to fatty and sugary foods.

It induces “feel good” hormones in the brain that actually mimic the effects of powerful addictive drugs like cocaine and heroin.

It is no wonder that we need them.

How many people have cravings for spinach?

But, cravings for ice cream, chips, soda and cookies is a whole other matter.

In order to overcome these perilous food addictions, you must retrain your body, change old habits and change tastes.

It takes time and effort, but, it can be done.

Did you know that there are thousands of fitness conscious people who NEVER touch any junk food? Yes it’s really true!

Removing junk food from your diet is an important way to become proactive when it comes to your health.


How To Remove Junk Food From Your Diet

It starts with some common sense.

Many people say that it is cheaper to eat junk food than it is to eat healthy food.

Or they use the excuse that they just don’t like the way healthy food tastes.

First you will have to reprogram your taste buds to get used to eating healthy foods.

You have been eating junk food all of your life, this is what your body is used to and what it will crave.

But it is up to you to retrain your body and your mind to crave healthy foods.

It is not cheaper to eat junk food!

Let’s forget about the fact that you will save thousands on medical bills by eating healthy.

And let’s look at what you are spending right now.


Potato Chips Versus Oranges

A bag of potato chips costs about $3.99 this will usually last a family of four one day, if that long.

Now let’s look at a bag of oranges.

One bag of oranges costs about $4 on average.

When you buy a bag of oranges you will get 8-10 oranges.

This can make as many as 16 snacks which can last up to four days for a family of four.

Now you have to look at which you would rather your family or yourself eat.

Potato chips are loaded with fat, salt and a lot of calories.

1 ounce of Lays plain chips has 160 calories, 1 grams of fat and 170 grams of sodium (7% of daily allowance).

An orange has 0 fat, 0 salt and only 45 calories.

Junk Food

Junk Food


Plus, it’s loaded with essential nutrients, like vitamin C (a whopping 85% of the daily recommended allowance), plus potassium and fiber.

When eating a bag of potato chips you may be watching television, letting all of that fat attach itself to your body.

But, when you eat that orange, you are energized simply by the smell of it.

And, this is just one example of how junk food compares to healthier options.

Next time you go to the market do some comparison shopping.

And you will see that the prices of healthy food are not so different from junk food.

There are also plenty of healthier snack options available that can fill kid’s lunch boxes with healthier alternatives.



It may take some planning when you are removing junk food from your diet.

But, it is possible to eat healthy on the same budget you have right now.


Healthier Substitutions For Junk food

When you remove junk food from your diet you will find that you suffer from cravings.

Here are a few substitutions you can use to get past the cravings:

  • A square of dark chocolate instead of a chocolate candy bar
  • Unsalted pretzels or no butter popcorn instead of chips
  • Baked vegetable strips instead of chips
  • Raw nuts instead of chips for a crunchy snack
  • Plain yogurt with fruit, honey, or nuts instead of ice cream
  • Flavored sparkling water instead of soda
  • Fresh fruit instead of cake and cookies
  • Raisins instead of candy
  • Cherries instead of candySubstituting In Recipes

There are also ways that you can alter your favorite recipes to create a healthier version.

For example instead of using butter in your cakes and cookies.

You can create a healthier version by substituting the butter with apple sauce.

You can also use non-fat plain yogurt instead of sour cream or mayonnaise.

If you are a real lover of mayonnaise than try replacing it with avocado on your sandwiches. I

t has the same texture and you never miss the empty calories of the mayonnaise.


Bottom Line

These are just a few things that you can do to remove the junk food from your diet.

There are so many other options that you can do.

But, rest assured it is possible to remove the junk food from your diet.

And replace it with much healthier alternatives.

This will ensure your good health and the health of your family.


Alternative Treatments for Depression

Depression has many faces, although it’s not a fatal disease like cancer, or diabetes.

It can drive its’ victim insane, and suicidal unless medication is prescribed.

Depression Disease

Depression Disease


For some, seeking alternative treatments for their depression is an attempt to avoid drugs.

Or it may be part of the person’s preference for natural treatments in general.

But just because a treatment is natural does not mean it’s the best choice for you.

Or that it is automatically safe.

Here are some of the more popular alternative treatments for depression and what you should know about them:


St. John’s Wort

Have you heard of this herb?

It’s commonly sold in capsules or tinctures.

And is touted as a treatment for mild or moderate depression.



St. John’s Wort is prescribed in Europe, where studies have shown the herb to be effective even for major depression.

Many other, smaller studies have continued to show St. John’s Wort as an effective treatment for depression.



People with depression may not know if their condition is mild, moderate, or severe.

They may underestimate the severity of their depression and take St. John’s Wort when they may need something stronger.

Also, the results of larger, placebo-controlled studies conflict with the smaller studies.

Indicating there may not be much of an effect from St. John’s Wort, particularly regarding major illness.

Depression Disease

Depression Disease



This is an abbreviated form of a much longer word, S-adenosylmethionine.

SAM-e occurs naturally in the body, but a synthetic form can be purchased as a supplement.



This is considered a promising supplement by various sectors in the medical community.

It is involved in the function of several neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and norepinephrine.



SAM-e is extremely expensive.

Also, it can have side effects if people take it in conjunction with another antidepressant – too much serotonin could result.

Some sources claim it may cause nausea and constipation. You can’t get SAM-e from food sources.



These increasingly popular fatty acids are implicated in the alleviation of symptoms.

Foods like caviar, salmon, sardines, walnuts, and flaxseeds all have these healthy fats.

Depression Disease

Depression Disease



Omega-3s can be found in both food sources and supplement form.

They are involved in nearly all body processes; some experts say they are involved in every cell of the body.

Both manic and clinical depression may be helped by these important fats.



There really are no major concerns associated with the consumption of Omega-3s.

As an alternative treatment for illness.

Unless depressed individuals take Omega-3 supplements instead of medications they need.

Or quit medications cold turkey and start with Omega-3s.

As you look into alternative treatments for your depressive illness.

Or that of a loved one, make sure you do your research.

Even if an alternative therapy is safe and effective, it may not be enough as a sole treatment.

It’s important to work with your health care provider to make sure the depression is treated effectively.