Are Diet Patches Effective and Safe?

Are Diet Patches Effective and Safe? This is the immortal question that everyone wants an answer to.

Diet methods come from a variety of sources but all are not equally as good. One of the trends right now is diet patches. Are they effective and safe to use?

Let’s examine the use of a patch. Patches are being used to deliver medication to the body. Think of the nicotine patch. It is a trans-dermal patch whose chemicals will leech through the skin into the bloodstream.

The formula has been especially designed to be allowed into the skin. It is your first defense against invaders like bacteria and viruses so it doesn’t just let anything pass through.

Patches are also used to deliver birth control. Case in point: Ortho Evra. The patch is placed on the skin and changed once a week. It can be worn in the shower and sweat won’t affect its efficacy.

Are Diet Patches Effective and Safe?

Both of these are well-known patches so the technology is sound. It has been proven to work in other applications. For best results, the patches are exchanged based on product instructions so the level of medication is consistent and sustained.

So, has the diet industry recreated this phenomenon? Some say yes and some say no. what will you say? The answer is based on the claims that the patches are making and just what you expect to get out of it.

First of all, believing that a small patch will cause you to shed pounds is a stretch for most people. There have been gimmicks before that said you can lose weight without doing much of anything.

If that is the case, why aren’t we all walking around dropping pounds with every step? Some people, on the other hand, are too eager to believe it – with disappointing results.

Many diet patches contain the same ingredients as the pill form of their product. Read the label. If the diet patch contains the same stuff, you may have a winner.

Some people are not good at swallowing pills and a patch is a great alternative. But, it needs to deliver what it promises.

Are Diet Patches Effective and Safe?

Read diet patch reviews and also talk to your doctor. Any substance that leeches through the skin is considered a medication. You don’t want to have a reaction to either the patch or the ingredients in the patch.

Know that the patch is not a substitute for diet and exercise. Patches that claim to curb the appetite can give you a boost with your eating so you feel less hungry, but you still have to make better food choices and get physically active to shed the pounds.

There is no such thing as spot reducing. Patches that claim to shed fat at the site of the patch, are walking a thin line. You may not see the results that they claim. There are lots of charlatans out there who are trying to make a quick buck at your expense.

So are diet patches safe? If you choose wisely, they can be both safe to use and effective for jump-starting your weight loss program.


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