Fast Food, The Birth of An American Standard

The ideals of American fast food have been in place since around 1867 with a hot dog stand.

In addition hamburgers and French fries have become staples on the menu. Since then we have witnessed the birth of the fast food restaurant, when the first Mcdonalds restaurant opened in San Bernadino , California.

The hot dog, hamburger and french fries have become staples of the American diet, the idea of eating something on the go became more convenient rather than having a more conventional sit down meal at home, as our lives became more hectic.

These items found their way to various fairs and festivals in order for them to get attention of other people. As more families entered the workforce with both parents working the idea of American fast food became more appealing.

There was no longer a figure at home all the time to make sure meals were prepared. The fast food restaurant became that figure when mom was too tired from work or too busy to prepare a nutritious meal for the family.

Today people go to fast food restaurants for all types of reasons. They may be craving a burger made a certain way. They may drive by a familiar site and decide they really want to try it. Some people travel often and so they tend to steer towards fast food restaurants they are familiar with.

There is also the issue of time restraints with parents working and children having activities. The fast food restaurant became a quick and easy substitute for going to the refrigerator and throwing some food in a bag and taking it with you.

These days there are fast food joints all over the place. Even in small towns you will find several of them out there as you drive along that area of town. You can show up in a town you don’t know and likely have a handful of places to grab something to eat.

American fast food is all about something fast and something familiar. Of course the price is much lower than what you will find in fancier restaurants and people like that as well.

The fastest way to get food at this type of restaurant is to use the drive up window. You won’t even have to get out of your car in order to get what you want. You just drive up to the speaker, view the menu, order what you want, and drive to the window. Here you will pay for it and get what you want.

I recommend checking your order though before you drive away. Too many times I have been given the wrong items at such a location. That’s why I go inside the restaurant so that I can show the cashier, if a mistake was made.

American fast food is often blamed for poor eating habits and even for people being overweight. Yet people make the choice to eat this food too often and then want someone to blame. There are some very good choices you can make at a fast food restaurant as well.

You can also limit the number of times you frequent such locations to result in eating habits that are much healthier overall. However, if you really must eat fast food, check the menu for healthier options and do it in moderation.


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