Strength Training: It’s Not Just For Young Bucks

 Do you feel pain when trying to reach for items located on your top kitchen shelf?  Do you find it hard to push a cart at the supermarket? 

 Are the grocery bags getting too heavy for you to carry?  Do you find that your balance is off, or that you are having problems walking?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, here are some strength training exercises guaranteed to build those muscles up and increase your ability to handle just about any task.

First you will need to obtain a stretch band.  Okay, here we go.  First exercise is to help you grab those condiments from the top shelves.  Sit in a chair and place the end of the stretch band under you while taking the other end with one hand.

Now pull the band up as far as you can, then count to five and slowly lower the band.  Do the same thing with the other hand.  It is recommended that you complete this exercise 15 times, alternating between each hand.

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The next exercise will increase your ability to push that supermarket cart.  Ready? Sit in a chair and take one end of the band in each hand.

Place your right hand on the left side of your body and lift up the band over your head and behind you as far back as you can go using your left hand.

Count to five and slowly lower your hand.  Complete the same exercise with the right hand.  Again, 15 repetitions are recommended.

This exercise will enable you gain more strength for lifting.  While standing, place each foot on the band.  Ensure your feet are separated and in line with your shoulders.  Take hold of the band with both hands and pull up. Count to five and slowly lower your hands.

The last exercise will help you to walk more frequently and obtain a good balance at the same time. This exercise will require you to stand in front of the back of a chair.

Place the band around your ankle while standing on the other end of the band with your other foot. Raise your right foot behind you, count to five and slowly bring the foot down.  Do the same exercise with the left foot; 15 repetitions are recommended.

If you can complete these exercises three times a week, alternating them so they are comfortable and enjoyable, you will be in good shape in no time.  Keep in mind that rest and a healthy diet are important to your success.  The strength you gain will enable you to not only feel great, but alleviate the struggle in performing your daily tasks.



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