Tai Chi for Arthritis Pain Relief in Older Adults

One of the most popular exercises utilized today, which is a combination of both meditation and a series of slow and deliberate movements, is Tai Chi, developed around 2000 years ago in China. 

You may have seen Tai Chi performed by older adults in your local park, on TV, or perhaps by someone who attends Tai Chi classes.

The benefits derived from Tai Chi have been well known and documented.  It not only relieves stress, but enhances one’s balance and flexibility as well.

In addition, the moves implemented in Tai Chi are one of the best exercise programs in alleviating health problems in older adults.

While anyone can master the art of Tai Chi, you will find mostly older adults engaging in this beautiful and graceful exercise.

Considered to be low impact, there are no major strains put on the body or joints and is particularly effective for those who suffer from any form of arthritis.

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Recent studies have shown that Tai Chi, when utilized by older adults, offers calm and balance, dissipates anxiety and depression, helps older adults to sleep better, reduces bone loss in menopausal women, decreases blood pressure, helps in alleviating pain, and prepares one for tasks performed on a daily basis.

Considered to be a great form of exercise, Tai Chi requires no equipment, no time table, is very easy to do, has no side effects, and affords older adults the opportunity to meet others who love the exercise as well.  Once you learn Tai Chi and the proper way to move, there is virtually no chance of injury.

Whether you perform Tai Chi in your home by following exercises on DVDs, or whether you go to your local park and exercise Tai Chi there.

Once you begin this art form of exercise you will most likely continue for the rest of your life.

Further, you will begin to develop your own moves and may likely advance to the newest form of exercise and meditation known as Qi Gong.

Based on the same principle of slow movements, Qi Gong, while new to this country, has been around as long as Tai Chi and will most likely become as popular in the future.

Meditation has long been studied and affirmed to be one of the best forms of relaxation as well as a great stress reducer.  Adding this with exercise and you have an unbeatable combination.

More importantly, not only will you develop a new exercise routine, but you will begin to feel good about it, your health, and your overall well-being.


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